“The most tested athletes in the world”

Welcome to the second edition of Dopeology, a website about reported doping in European professional road cycling. Make no mistake, this is an enormous subject. That's why our story begins as recently as 1980, while the history of doping in professional cycling actually began over a century earlier.

Dopeology builds a topology of the densely interconnected network of doping, by listing the people, substances, techniques and events involved as recorded by reliable press sources. The purpose of the exercise is simply to organise and present the data in a logical way rather than to make judgements about people or what has happened over the years.

The data on Dopeology is divided into just a few categories: People, Teams and Products, combinations of which go together to form doping-related Incidents. Every incident is supported by published sources, all but a handful of which are accessible online.

Latest incidents

Complete chronological list on the Incidents page

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