Incidents total 1320

Name Type Date
Valjavec appealAppeal against sanction22/04/2011
Valjavec bio-passportViolation03/05/2010
Valverde appealAppeal against sanction01/06/2010
Valverde Italian suspensionTemporary suspension11/05/2009
Van Avermaet investigationInvestigation07/05/2015
Van Brussel firedTermination of contract12/07/1997
Van Calster positivePositive test22/06/1986
Van Den Bossche admissionAdmission statement21/07/1998
Van der Poel positive 1Positive test01/05/1983
Van der Poel positive 2Positive test24/02/1984
Van der Sande clearedAppeal against sanction30/01/2019
Van der Sande positivePositive test18/12/2018
Van der Velde positivePositive test19/04/1981
Van Dijk missed testViolation08/06/2005
Van Dijk ozone treatmentViolation30/11/2013
Van Impe violationViolation22/07/1981
Van Meer positivePositive test14/05/1983
Van Slycke positivePositive test14/06/1988
Vandaele appealAppeal against sanction27/01/1998
Vandaele missed test 1Violation06/07/1997
Vandaele missed test 2Violation11/04/1998
Vandenbroucke admissionAdmission statement29/11/2004
Vandenbroucke convictionCriminal conviction24/06/2005
Vandenbroucke fired 1Termination of contract01/03/2002
Vandenbroucke fired 2Termination of contract17/04/2008

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