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Name Type Date
Moors arrestArrest28/07/1998
Oil for Drugs raidsArrest10/06/2004
Ongarato raidArrest01/11/2001
OperaciĆ³n Grial arrestsArrest24/11/2009
OperaciĆ³n Skype arrestArrest08/03/2012
Padova gym arrests [Da Ros, Lucato]Arrest11/03/2009
Paranier arrestsArrest11/09/1998
Perfetto arrestArrest18/05/2002
Puerto arrestsArrest23/05/2006
Ribeiro, N arrestArrest24/04/2022
Rodrigues, J arrestArrest24/04/2022
Romano arrestArrest20/05/2002
Roussel and Rijkaert arrestsArrest15/07/1998
Rumsas, E arrestArrest28/07/2002
Rumsas, R arrestArrest29/06/2005
Rutkiewicz arrestArrest12/01/2004
Sainz and Vandenbroucke arrestsArrest27/02/2002
Sainz arrestArrest11/03/2002
Santuccione arrestArrest10/06/2004
Sassone arrestArrest13/01/2004
Schmidt arrestArrest27/02/2019
Soprani arrestsArrest29/06/1999
Terrados arrestArrest30/07/1998
Varriale arrestArrest13/05/2002
Virenque arrestArrest11/05/1999

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