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Name Type Date
Beltrán, A firedTermination of contract18/09/2009
Bergmann firedTermination of contract04/02/2003
Bruyneel resignationTermination of contract12/10/2012
Cofidis resignationsTermination of contract05/05/2004
De Jongh resignationTermination of contract27/10/2012
Gonzalez Pico firedTermination of contract04/04/2001
Gusev firedTermination of contract25/07/2008
Hodge resignation (ONCE)Termination of contract18/10/2012
Julich resignationTermination of contract25/10/2012
Kerschbaum firedTermination of contract22/03/2009
Liakhov firedTermination of contract03/09/2013
Lopez terminationTermination of contract12/12/2022
Mancebo firedTermination of contract30/06/2006
Mondini firedTermination of contract07/04/2002
Nose firedTermination of contract25/04/2005
Phonak management resignationsTermination of contract03/01/2005
Rasmussen, A missed testTermination of contract15/09/2011
Ricco firedTermination of contract06/02/2011
T-Mobile sackingsTermination of contract30/06/2006
Van Brussel firedTermination of contract12/07/1997
Vandenbroucke fired 1Termination of contract01/03/2002
Vandenbroucke fired 2Termination of contract17/04/2008
White terminationTermination of contract23/01/2011
Yus firedTermination of contract05/06/2005

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