Aminoimidazole Carboxamide Riboside (AICAR) Hormone ID 73

AICAR is a substance whose two primary roles are to stimulate metabolism and dilate blood vessels.

Research on mice with a combination of AICAR and the agonist GW-501516 tends to support the hypothesis that performance can be significantly enhanced.

The effect of the substance is still not fully understood on humans. Academic research activities appear to be ongoing though a human trial process is currently stalled.

The obvious value to an endurance sportsperson is to achieve better output by improving blood flow while at the same time burning fat.

AICAR is difficult (but not impossible) to identify in doping tests thanks to the similarities it shares with proteins occuring naturally in the body. WADA designated AICAR a banned substance in 2011.

Incidents Type Date
Massa investigation Investigation 22/03/2013
Operación Skype arrest Arrest 08/03/2012
People Nationality
Beltrán Alberto



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