Nandrolone Steroid ID 23

Incidents 49 Type Date
Largo Quintero positive Positive test 22/01/2014
Emilia arrests Arrest 21/09/2010
Mantova investigation Investigation 01/04/2009
Peña appeal Appeal against sanction 01/08/2008
Peña positive Positive test 24/04/2007
Kelme legal investigation Investigation 21/05/2004
Kelme sports investigation Investigation 30/03/2004
Manzano revelations 2 [laundry list] Admission statement 25/03/2004
Caruso positive 1 Positive test 25/01/2003
Fois positive 3 Positive test 23/10/2002
Cornelissen positive Positive test 09/03/2002
Kappes appeal Appeal against sanction 22/02/2001
Joachim acquitted Appeal against sanction 23/11/2000
Hruska positive Positive test 13/09/2000
González de Galdeano, A positive Positive test 20/08/2000
Kappes positive 2 Positive test 01/07/2000
Joachim positive Positive test 25/06/2000
Roesems positive Positive test 07/10/1999
Gaumont positive 4 Positive test 19/05/1998
Gaumont positive 3 Positive test 19/05/1996
Durand positive 1 Positive test 19/05/1996
Gaumont positive 2 Positive test 12/05/1996
Laurent positive Positive test 09/05/1996
Casero adverse analytical finding Adverse analytical finding 01/05/1996
Desbiens positive 1 Positive test 28/04/1996
Gaumont positive 1 Positive test 23/04/1996
Cabello positive 7 Positive test 08/02/1994
Cabello positive 6 Positive test 06/02/1994
Cabello positive 5 Positive test 05/02/1994
Cabello positive 3 Positive test 04/02/1994
Cabello positive 4 Positive test 04/02/1994
Cabello positive 2 Positive test 03/02/1994
Cabello positive 1 Positive test 02/02/1994
Strouken positive Positive test 11/08/1993
Elliott positive Positive test 08/02/1992
Urea positive Positive test 04/02/1992
Berrojalbiz positive Positive test 01/02/1991
Ghiotto positive 1 Positive test 22/02/1990
Wilches positive Positive test 28/05/1989
De Wilde conviction Criminal conviction 01/12/1988
Thurau positive 3 Positive test 08/07/1987
Murga positive Positive test 07/06/1987
Chizabas positive Positive test 25/03/1987
Vanoverschelde positive Positive test 19/07/1983
Bossis positive Positive test 18/07/1983
Clerc positive Positive test 09/07/1983
Bazzo positive Positive test 08/07/1983
Rodriguez positive Positive test 04/07/1983
Zoetemelk positive Positive test 03/07/1983
People 39 Nationality
Bazzo Pierre
Berrojalbiz Joseba
Bossis Jacques
Bossoni Paolo
Cabello Francisco
Caruso Giampaolo
Casero Angel
Chizabas José Alirio
Clerc Patrick
Cornelissen Björn
De Wilde Etienne
Desbiens Laurent
Durand Jacky
Elliott Malcolm
Fois Valentino
Gaumont Philippe
Ghiotto Federico
Gilmozzi Sebastian
González de Galdeano Alvaro
Hruska Jan
Joachim Benoit
Kappes Andreas
Largo Quintero Luis Alberto
Laurent Thierry
Manzano Jesús
Murga Imanol
Nedelec Patrick
Pedrina Carlo
Peña Aketza
Piccoli Mariano
Rodriguez Jean-François
Roesems Bert
Scorpiniti Leonardo
Strouken Patrick
Thurau Dietrich
Urea José
Vanoverschelde Didier
Wilches Gustavo
Zoetemelk Joop



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