Undisclosed Unspecified ID 48

The "Undisclosed" label is required when there are no substances or methods identified in the doping-related incident for one of the following reasons:

  • the sources for the incident do not expressly identify them, or
  • the incident is a procedural violation that does not involve them (e.g. whereabouts)

The requirement for "Undisclosed" is less common now than in earlier times when positive test results were regularly announced without mention of the causes. If there was no challenge, for example by questioning the protocol, or explanation of fault, such as claiming accidental ingestion, further details would often go unpublished.

Apart from procedural violations, "Undisclosed" is occasionally still needed when individuals admit to a history of doping without providing further details of their activities.

Incidents 366 Type Date
Ilex complaint Investigation 09/11/2023
López suspension Violation 25/07/2023
Van Eetvelt suspension Temporary suspension 19/02/2023
Benta suspension Temporary suspension 06/02/2023
Antunes bio-passport Violation 06/02/2023
López termination Termination of contract 12/12/2022
Rodrigues suspension Violation 04/10/2022
Prova Limpa suspensions Temporary suspension 04/10/2022
Operação Prova Limpa raids 2 Investigation 02/08/2022
W52 - FC Porto team suspension Temporary suspension 27/07/2022
López team suspension Temporary suspension 22/07/2022
Bahrain Victorious raids Investigation 27/06/2022
Ilex investigation Investigation 11/05/2022
Rodrigues, J arrest Arrest 24/04/2022
Ribeiro, N arrest Arrest 24/04/2022
Operação Prova Limpa raids 1 Investigation 24/04/2022
Bahrain Victorious investigation Investigation 03/07/2021
Thurau Aderlass link Investigation 24/01/2021
Arkéa - Samsic investigation Investigation 16/09/2020
Astana investigation Investigation 02/02/2020
Alarcón suspension Temporary suspension 21/10/2019
Molano suspension Temporary suspension 14/05/2019
Kroon admission Admission statement 24/04/2018
Armstrong federal lawsuit Hearing evidence 19/04/2018
Edmondson admission Admission statement 16/03/2017
Operación Grial convictions Criminal conviction 10/10/2016
Team Sky investigation Investigation 07/10/2016
Russian Olympic exclusions Exclusion 28/07/2016
Cash investigation Investigation 27/06/2016
Lukonin violation Violation 03/08/2015
Lutsenko violation Violation 03/08/2015
Savoldelli ban Temporary suspension 30/05/2014
Zaballa adverse analytical finding Adverse analytical finding 15/05/2014
Solomennikov positive Positive test 23/06/2013
Europcar violation Violation 20/06/2013
Budaragin positive Positive test 04/06/2013
Rutkiewicz positive Positive test 25/05/2013
Holczer v Schumacher Hearing evidence 18/04/2013
Gerolsteiner investigation Investigation 09/04/2013
Massa investigation Investigation 22/03/2013
Banesto - Conconi link Investigation 25/02/2013
Puerto - Vainsteins link Hearing evidence 16/02/2013
Visconti suspension Temporary suspension 14/12/2012
Scarponi suspension 2 Temporary suspension 12/12/2012
Linda McCartney investigation Investigation 10/12/2012
Scarponi admission 2 Admission statement 06/11/2012
Hodge resignation (ONCE) Termination of contract 18/10/2012
Hodge resignation (Festina) Admission statement 18/10/2012
Scimone appeal Appeal against sanction 09/10/2012
Pozzato suspension Temporary suspension 11/09/2012
Vaughters admission Admission statement 11/08/2012
Di Grégorio conviction Criminal conviction 10/07/2012
Europcar investigation Investigation 27/06/2012
Pozzato admission Admission statement 19/06/2012
US Postal investigation 2 (2003-2004) Investigation 12/06/2012
US Postal investigation 2 (2005-2007) Investigation 12/06/2012
De Rooij admission Admission statement 05/05/2012
Armstrong investigation Investigation 03/02/2012
Franke investigation Investigation 12/01/2012
Bedoucha arrest Arrest 29/11/2011
Paolini no further action Appeal against sanction 12/10/2011
Ferrari investigation Investigation 15/04/2011
Padova searches Investigation 14/04/2011
White termination Termination of contract 23/01/2011
Knopf suspension Temporary suspension 23/12/2010
Popovych raid Investigation 11/11/2010
Via Col convictions Criminal conviction 27/10/2010
Stevic appeal Appeal against sanction 22/10/2010
Basso, E suspension Temporary suspension 01/10/2010
Emilia arrests Arrest 21/09/2010
Gründlinger suspension Temporary suspension 11/08/2010
Via Col suspensions [Miotti, Giuliani] Permanent ban 15/07/2010
Padova GiroBio raids Investigation 29/06/2010
Via Col suspensions [Bonin, Nikacevic] Temporary suspension 15/06/2010
Basso Mazzoleni plea bargains Admission statement 24/04/2010
Bernucci, Petacchi raids Investigation 04/04/2010
Via Col suspensions [Rivera] Temporary suspension 29/03/2010
Godefroot judgement Hearing evidence 26/03/2010
Sainz appeal Appeal against sanction 18/03/2010
Golbano appeal 2 Violation 27/01/2010
Via Col suspensions [Ghiselli, Novembrini] Temporary suspension 11/01/2010
Operación Grial arrests Arrest 24/11/2009
Medical waste investigation Investigation 23/10/2009
Maynar suspension Temporary suspension 21/10/2009
Via Col suspensions [Ricci] Temporary suspension 22/09/2009
Pescara raids Investigation 24/07/2009
Via Col Padua investigation Investigation 16/06/2009
Gusev appeal Appeal against sanction 15/06/2009
Rebellin investigation Investigation 30/04/2009
Mantova investigation Investigation 01/04/2009
Operación Chinatown Investigation 13/02/2009
Caruso appeal Appeal against sanction 23/01/2009
Schleck cleared Appeal against sanction 09/12/2008
Di Paolo suspension Temporary suspension 13/11/2008
Schleck qualified admission Admission statement 03/10/2008
Stevic suspension Permanent ban 17/09/2008
Puerto - Schleck link Investigation 26/07/2008
Gusev fired Termination of contract 25/07/2008
Bebto suspension Permanent ban 10/07/2008
LA-MSS sanctions Temporary suspension 27/06/2008
Marzoli suspension Temporary suspension 18/06/2008
Bartoli, C suspension Investigation 10/06/2008
Cedroni suspension Temporary suspension 08/06/2008
Moletta investigation Investigation 21/05/2008
LA-MSS investigation Investigation 19/05/2008
Nocera suspension Permanent ban 19/05/2008
Coconi suspension Permanent ban 21/04/2008
Spezialetti, Masciarelli appeal Appeal against sanction 18/04/2008
Sainz conviction Criminal conviction 11/04/2008
Quagliariello suspension Permanent ban 09/04/2008
Spezialetti, Masciarelli acquittals Investigation 18/03/2008
Balestri, Barotti RS and Barotti A suspensions Permanent ban 10/03/2008
Caruso clearance 2 Appeal against sanction 12/02/2008
Giustarini suspension Permanent ban 28/12/2007
Santuccione suspension Permanent ban 18/12/2007
Schumacher violation Violation 25/09/2007
Golbano appeal 1 Appeal against sanction 06/09/2007
Basso suspension Temporary suspension 15/06/2007
Marinangeli violation 2 Violation 20/04/2007
Grillo violation Violation 27/02/2007
Petrov, D violation Violation 23/02/2007
Caldeira violation Violation 23/02/2007
Millar and Lelli acquittal Hearing evidence 19/01/2007
Cofidis convictions Criminal conviction 19/01/2007
Davis cleared Appeal against sanction 14/12/2006
Garrido violation Violation 20/09/2006
Paolini raid Investigation 20/09/2006
Dominguez violation 2 Violation 21/08/2006
Caruso clearance 1 Appeal against sanction 01/08/2006
Puerto judicial clearances 2 Appeal against sanction 28/07/2006
Puerto judicial clearances 1 Appeal against sanction 26/07/2006
Puerto list (inactive in 2006) Hearing evidence 30/06/2006
Puerto list (active in 2006) Investigation 30/06/2006
Bologna appeal Appeal against sanction 23/05/2006
Bondariew violation Violation 28/03/2006
Serrano violation Violation 01/03/2006
Casero violation Violation 21/02/2006
Benito violation Violation 21/02/2006
Tauler violation Violation 21/02/2006
Blitz criminal convictions Criminal conviction 24/10/2005
Kerkez violation Violation 24/09/2005
Spilak violation Violation 24/09/2005
Este acquittals Hearing evidence 23/09/2005
Gabrovski violation 2 Violation 22/09/2005
Como and Bergamo gym raids Investigation 24/07/2005
Petrov, E violation Violation 12/07/2005
Scotto D'Abusco violation Violation 05/06/2005
Sandrigo investigation Investigation 18/05/2005
Ribeiro, N violation Violation 06/05/2005
Nose fired Termination of contract 25/04/2005
Marinangeli violation 1 Violation 22/03/2005
Albasini violation Violation 02/03/2005
Este trial Hearing evidence 09/11/2004
Cioni violation Violation 01/10/2004
Bologna trial acquittals Hearing evidence 01/10/2004
Bologna trial conviction Criminal conviction 01/10/2004
Golbano violation Violation 02/09/2004
Casagrande violation Violation 01/09/2004
Gili violation Violation 28/08/2004
Illiano violation Violation 21/08/2004
George violation Violation 17/08/2004
Mazzoleni, R violation Violation 17/08/2004
Lelli indictment Investigation 03/08/2004
Gonzalez, G violation Violation 01/07/2004
Santuccione arrest Arrest 10/06/2004
Oil for Drugs raids Arrest 10/06/2004
Etxebarria violation Violation 02/06/2004
Hierro violation Violation 02/06/2004
Elorriaga violation Violation 02/06/2004
Firenze raid Investigation 25/05/2004
Golcer violation Violation 06/05/2004
Mesa violation Violation 06/05/2004
Cofidis resignations Termination of contract 05/05/2004
Vasseur cleared Appeal against sanction 03/05/2004
Cofidis pharmacy search Investigation 28/04/2004
Cofidis team suspension Temporary suspension 09/04/2004
Vasseur and Clain indictments Investigation 02/04/2004
Ferrara moral judgment 1 Investigation 11/03/2004
Ferrara moral judgment 3 Investigation 11/03/2004
Ferrara moral judgment 2 Investigation 11/03/2004
Majewski arrest Arrest 28/01/2004
Gaumont and Vasseur arrests Arrest 21/01/2004
Cofidis raids Investigation 12/01/2004
Wegelius cleared Appeal against sanction 02/12/2003
Ferrara acquittals 2 Hearing evidence 19/11/2003
Blitz plea-bargain convictions Criminal conviction 23/10/2003
Wegelius violation Violation 18/10/2003
Locatelli and Dazzani arrests Arrest 05/06/2003
Astolfi violation Violation 29/04/2003
Ardila violation Violation 20/04/2003
Gabrovski cleared Appeal against sanction 03/04/2003
Gabrovski violation 1 Violation 07/03/2003
Julia positive 2 Positive test 06/10/2002
Julia positive 1 Positive test 10/09/2002
Rucker positive 2 Positive test 01/09/2002
Rucker positive 1 Positive test 31/08/2002
Lampre investigation Arrest 28/07/2002
Mapei Oostende investigation Investigation 21/05/2002
Gustov cleared Appeal against sanction 17/05/2002
Blitz suspensions Temporary suspension 02/05/2002
Gustov violation Violation 30/04/2002
Blitz acquittals Appeal against sanction 22/04/2002
Malberti positive Positive test 20/03/2002
Rieti raid Investigation 18/03/2002
Cornelissen violation Violation 09/03/2002
Pantani appeal 1 Appeal against sanction 23/10/2001
Tubre raid Investigation 01/08/2001
TVM convictions Criminal conviction 18/07/2001
Blitz raids [List 51] Investigation 06/06/2001
Gotti raid Investigation 03/06/2001
Przydzial violation Violation 11/05/2001
Sosenka violation Violation 11/05/2001
Glasner violation Violation 11/05/2001
Gebka violation Violation 11/05/2001
Brescia indictment Investigation 02/05/2001
Fontanelli violation Violation 08/04/2001
Gonzalez Pico fired Termination of contract 04/04/2001
Selle Italia investigation Investigation 22/03/2001
Beltrán, A arrest Arrest 22/03/2001
Virenque appeal Appeal against sanction 12/03/2001
Virenque suspension Temporary suspension 30/12/2000
Eight Festina convictions Criminal conviction 23/12/2000
Pantani conviction Criminal conviction 12/12/2000
US Postal investigation 1 Investigation 24/11/2000
Hervé admission Admission statement 25/10/2000
Virenque admission 2 Admission statement 24/10/2000
Brasi violation Violation 01/07/2000
Ivanov violation Violation 01/07/2000
Hauptman violation Violation 01/07/2000
Commesso suspension Temporary suspension 23/05/2000
Berzin violation Violation 14/05/2000
Larsen, N violation Violation 02/04/2000
Bruylandts violation Violation 22/03/2000
Dblab Lista Nera Hearing evidence 27/12/1999
Dekker, E cleared Investigation 22/12/1999
Dekker, E violation Violation 09/10/1999
Frigo violation Violation 18/09/1999
Cariulo violation Violation 18/09/1999
Streel violation Violation 18/09/1999
Zamana positive Positive test 12/09/1999
Soprani arrests Arrest 29/06/1999
Honchar violation 1 Violation 17/06/1999
Morscher violation Violation 17/06/1999
Jones violation Violation 17/06/1999
Gimondi violation Violation 17/06/1999
Pantani violation Violation 05/06/1999
Trombetta exclusion Exclusion 22/05/1999
Loda violation Violation 15/05/1999
Bratkowski disqualification Exclusion 15/05/1999
Otxoa violation Violation 15/05/1999
Virenque retraction Hearing evidence 12/05/1999
Gaumont and Vandenbroucke team suspensions Temporary suspension 12/05/1999
Virenque admission 1 Admission statement 11/05/1999
Vandenbroucke qualified admission Admission statement 11/05/1999
Virenque arrest Arrest 11/05/1999
Cofidis arrests Arrest 07/05/1999
Dalibot charged Investigation 23/03/1999
Meloni violation Violation 26/02/1999
Menthéour admission 2 Admission statement 03/02/1999
Ferrara raid Investigation 19/10/1998
Dominguez violation 1 Violation 25/09/1998
Clavero violation Violation 25/09/1998
D'Hont arrest Arrest 18/09/1998
Magnani violation Violation 12/09/1998
Paranier arrests Arrest 11/09/1998
Giardini Margherita raid [Bologna] Investigation 12/08/1998
Simoni violation Violation 12/08/1998
Dolci violation Violation 12/08/1998
Apollonio violation Violation 12/08/1998
Recinella violation Violation 11/08/1998
Manzoni violation Violation 11/08/1998
Ragnetti violation Violation 11/08/1998
Alberati violation Violation 11/08/1998
Terrados partial admission Admission statement 03/08/1998
Terrados arrest Arrest 30/07/1998
Massi arrest Arrest 29/07/1998
Moors arrest Arrest 28/07/1998
BigMat seizure Investigation 28/07/1998
Magnien and Bouvard admissions Admission statement 28/07/1998
Rijkaert admission 1 Admission statement 23/07/1998
Festina judicial violations Violation 23/07/1998
Gros admission Admission statement 19/07/1998
Menthéour admission 1 Admission statement 19/07/1998
Roussel admission Admission statement 17/07/1998
Roussel and Rijkaert arrests Arrest 15/07/1998
Edo violation 2 Violation 06/06/1998
Forconi violation Violation 06/06/1998
Miceli violation Violation 06/06/1998
Edo violation 1 Violation 21/03/1998
Lotto investigation Investigation 03/12/1997
Gisbers admission Admission statement 27/11/1997
Krikke admission Admission statement 27/11/1997
Sanders, W investigation Investigation 26/11/1997
Chiappucci violation 2 Violation 09/10/1997
Kappes positive 1 Positive test 27/06/1997
Laurent violation Violation 28/05/1997
Kross violations Violation 28/05/1997
Chiappucci violation 1 Violation 08/05/1997
Vansevenant violation Violation 01/04/1997
Menthéour violation Violation 09/03/1997
Colombo violation Violation 09/03/1997
Santaromita violation Violation 10/02/1997
Castelblanco violation Violation 20/03/1996
Gewiss haematocrit levels Investigation 24/05/1995
Fondriest positive Positive test 15/08/1993
Di Basco positive Positive test 01/07/1992
Winterberg positive Positive test 28/06/1992
De Keulenaer violation Violation 28/03/1992
Intralipid investigation Investigation 02/11/1991
Jakobs positive Positive test 04/04/1991
Freuler positive Positive test 02/12/1990
Madiot admission Admission statement 09/10/1989
Giesberts positive Positive test 04/09/1988
Haghedooren positive Positive test 19/08/1988
Kuum positive Positive test 15/07/1988
Van Slycke positive Positive test 14/06/1988
Ilegems positive Positive test 22/05/1988
Cocquyt positive Positive test 24/03/1988
Chagas positive Positive test 10/08/1987
Arras positive Positive test 16/06/1987
Le Bigaut positive Positive test 30/05/1987
Scharmin positive Positive test 30/05/1987
Blankenberge positive 2 Positive test 06/03/1987
Blankenberge positive 1 Positive test 06/03/1987
Andersen positive 5 Positive test 27/04/1986
Andersen positive 4 Positive test 16/04/1986
Andersen positive 3 Positive test 08/04/1986
Matthijs positive 2 Positive test 04/04/1986
Andersen positive 1 Positive test 07/09/1985
Schroen positive Positive test 31/07/1985
Criquielion adverse analytical finding Adverse analytical finding 23/06/1985
Matthijs positive 1 Positive test 16/03/1985
Poissonnier positive Positive test 26/05/1984
Da Silva positive Positive test 06/05/1984
Gijsemans positive Positive test 02/08/1983
Maertens positive 2 Positive test 02/07/1983
Maertens positive 1 Positive test 02/07/1983
Schmutz positive Positive test 26/06/1983
Blanco, J positive Violation 27/03/1983
Sergeant, M positive 1 Positive test 13/02/1983
Somers positive Positive test 13/02/1983
Martin, R positive Positive test 16/09/1982
Callac violations Violation 27/07/1982
Teka exclusions Exclusion 13/06/1982
Cima positive Positive test 22/05/1982
Martinez, P positive Positive test 02/05/1982
McKenzie positive Positive test 02/05/1982
Grondin positive Positive test 28/04/1982
Fandos positive Positive test 26/03/1982
Ruiz de Léon positive Positive test 29/09/1981
Esparza violation Violation 07/09/1981
Coll violation Violation 20/08/1981
Azcarate positive Positive test 12/08/1981
Albelda positive Positive test 05/06/1981
Alban positive Positive test 01/06/1981
Fernández Blanco positive 1 Positive test 15/04/1981
Sanders, D positive Positive test 02/04/1981
Gonzalez, J M positive Positive test 29/03/1981
De Ruiter violation Violation 14/09/1980
Juarez positive Positive test 09/09/1980
Martin, F positive Positive test 08/09/1980
Kos positive Positive test 07/09/1980
Algeri positive Positive test 07/09/1980
Lopez positive Positive test 06/09/1980
Blanco, J L positive Positive test 06/09/1980
Jakst positive Positive test 17/06/1980
People 569 Nationality
Aerts Mario
Alarcón Raúl
Alban Robert
Albasini Michael
Albelda Francisco
Alberati Paolo
Aldag Rolf
Algeri Pietro
Allocchio Stefano
Almeida Luis
Alonso Agustín
Anacona Winner
Andersen Kim
Andreu Frankie
Andrle René
Apollonio Massimo
Ardila Mauricio
Arras Wim
Arrue Salvador
Asci Renzo
Astolfi Claudio
Aular Orluis
Azcarate Juan Maria
Baldo Filippo
Balestri Maurizio
Ballerini Franco
Ballester Vicente
Bandiera Marco
Banfi Giuseppe
Baranowski Dariusz
Barotti Riccardo Stefano
Barotti Alessandro
Bartalucci Fabio
Bartoli Claudio
Bartolomé Ignacio
Basso Ivan
Basso Elisa
Batista Rogério
Bebto Zoltan
Becherini Fabio
Belda Vicedo Vicente
Belli Wladimir
Beloki Joseba
Ben Yamin Pierre
Benito Alberto
Benta João
Bernabéu David
Bernaudeau Jean-René
Bernucci Lorenzo
Bertogliati Rubens
Bertolini Alessandro
Berzin Evgeni
Besnati Massimo
Bianchi Ramon-Manuel
Bindi Emanuele
Blanco José Luis
Blanco Jesús
Blanco Rodriguez David
Bobrik Vladislav
Bombini Emanuele
Bondariew Bogdan
Bonilla José Adrian
Bontempi Fabrizio
Bontempi Guido
Bordonali Fabio
Borgheresi Simone
Bortolami Gianluca
Bossoni Paolo
Botero Santiago
Bouvard Gilles
Bozic Borut
Brailsford Dave
Bramati Davide
Brandão Jóni
Brasi Rossano
Bratkowski Jan
Brochard Laurent
Bruseghin Marzio
Brusomini Augusto
Bruylandts Dave
Budaragin Alexander
Bugno Gianni
Burt Phil
Buzzoni Daniele
Cabello Francisco
Caccia Diego
Caldeira Samuel
Camerini Maurizio
Campos Francisco
Cañada David
Cardoso Pedro
Cariulo Giacomo
Caruso Giampaolo
Caruso Damiano
Casagranda Stefano
Casagrande Francesco
Casero Angel
Casero Rafael
Casoni Ilario
Castaño Raúl
Castelblanco José Joaquim
Caucchioli Pietro
Cecchini Luigi
Cedroni Marco
Cenghialta Bruno
Chagas Marco
Cherro Javier
Chiappucci Claudio
Chiarini Riccardo
Chiesa Mario
Cima José Enrique
Cioni Dario David
Cipollini Mario
Clain Médéric
Clark Julian
Clavero Daniel
Clerc Patrick
Coconi Cesare
Cocquyt Patrick
Codol Massimo
Coll Antonio
Colombo Luca
Commesso Salvatore
Conceprio Edoardo
Conconi Francesco
Contador Alberto
Conti Andrea
Cope Simon
Cornelissen Björn
Corti Marco
Cortinovis Alessandro
Criquielion Claude
Cunego Damiano
D'Hont Jef
Da Dalto Mauro
Da Silva Acacio
Dalibot Jean-Marie
Davis Allan
Dazzani William
De Keulenaer Ludo
De Las Cuevas Armand
De Paoli Daniele
De Ritis Massimo
De Rooij Theo
De Ruiter Wim
De Waele Fabian
Dekker Erik
Dekker Thomas
Della Torre Fabio
Demarbaix Sebastien
Deneve Daniel
Devos Hendrik
Di Basco Alessio
Di Grégorio Rémy
Di Paolo Francesco
Dierckxsens Ludo
Dolci Andrea
Dominguez Juan Carlos
Duma Vladimir
Edmondson Joshua
Edo Angel
Ekimov Viatcheslav
Elorriaga Unai
Erluison Enzo
Eržen Milan
Escartin Fernando
Esparza Manuel
Etxebarria David
Everaert Julien
Fandos Ignacio
Farazijn Peter
Faresin Gianni
Faria Claudio
Fernandes José
Fernández Blanco Alberto
Ferrara Raffaele
Ferrari Stefano
Ferrari Michele
Ferrigato Andrea
Figueras Giuliano
Fincato Marco
Florencio Xavier
Fondriest Maurizio
Fontanelli Fabiano
Forconi Riccardo
Franke Andreas
Franzé Domenicantonio
Franzoi Enrico
Frapporti Marco
Frattini Francesco
Freeman Richard
Freitas Daniel
Freuler Urs
Frigo Dario
Fuentes Eufemiano
Fuglsang Jakob
Furlan Giorgio
Gabrovski Ivailo
Gallopin Alain
Gamba Arcangelo
Ganzerli Paolo
Garcia Del Moral Luis
Garcia Leyton Libardo
Garcia Quesada Adolfo
Garcia Quesada Carlos
Garrido Martin
Garzelli Stefano
Gaumont Philippe
Gavazzi Francesco
Gelati Sergio
George David
Ghirotto Massimo
Ghiselli Marco
Giesberts Ludo
Gigandet Marco
Gijsemans Emiel
Gil Koldo
Gili Marco
Gimondi Massimo
Gisbers Jan
Giuliani Donato
Giustarini Simone
Glasner Björn
Gobbi Michele
Godefroot Walter
Golbano Carlos
Golcer Jure
Gomis Juan
Gonçalves José
Gonzalez José Maria
Gonzalez Gorka
González Santos
González de Galdeano Igor
Gonzalez Martinez Freddy
Gonzalez Pico José Jaime
Gonzalez Torres Fredy
Gorski Mark
Gotti Ivan
Gourov Maxim
Grazzi Giovanni
Grillo Paride
Grondin Hugues
Gros Michel
Gründlinger Hannes
Gusev Vladimir
Gustov Volodymir
Gutierrez José Enrique
Gutierrez José Ignacio
Haghedooren Paul
Hamilton Tyler
Hanegraaf Jacques
Hauptman Andrej
Henn Christian
Hernandez Jesús
Hernández Juan Manuel
Hervé Pascal
Hesjedal Ryder
Hierro Alberto
Hinault Bernard
Hodge Stephen
Holczer Hans-Michael
Honchar Serhiy
Hondo Danilo
Hruska Jan
Hvastija Martin
Ibarguren José
Ignatiev Mikhail
Ilegems Roger
Illiano Raffaele
Indurain Miguel
Ivanov Serguei
Jacobs Huub
Jakob Ernst
Jakobs Gert
Jakst Hans-Peter
Javalet Stéphane
Jeandarme Willy
Jiménez Eladio
Joachim Benoit
Jones Timothy
Juárez Isidro
Julia José Cayetano
Kappes Andreas
Karpets Vladimir
Kerkez Vladimir
Kjærgaard Steffen
Knopf Michael
Kolobnev Alexandr
Konings Maria
Korsic Marjan
Kos René
Kosielski Piotr
Kozontchuk Dimitri
Kreuziger Roman
Krikke Manfred
Kroon Karsten
Kuum Jaanus
Lanfranchi Paolo
Larsen Nicolai Bo
Latasa David
Laurent Thierry
Lavelot Bertrand
Lazzaro Enrico
Le Bigaut Pierre
Lebon Theo
Lecuisinier Pierre-Henri
Ledanois Kevin
Ledanois Yvon
Lefevre Gerard
Lejaretta Ismael
Lejarreta Marino
Lelli Massimiliano
Leoni Endrio
Lerici Sandro
Livingston Kevin
Lloret Manuel
Locatelli Olivano
Loda Nicola
Long Hubert
López Miguel Ángel
Lopez Jésus
Lorenzetto Mirco
Losa Jesús
Lowe Trent
Lukonin Andrei
Lutsenko Alexey
Lutsenko Ivan
Madiot Marc
Maertens Marc
Magalhães Jorge
Magnani Marco
Magni Emilio
Magnien Emmanuel
Majewski Daniel
Malberti Fabio
Mancebo Francisco
Manfredini Fabio
Mantovani Massimiliano
Manzoni Mario
Marcato Marco
Marchesin Fabio
Marin Ruber Alveiro
Marinangeli Sergio
Martin Francisco
Martin Raymond
Martinez José Luis
Martinez Paulinho
Martínez María
Marzoli Ruggero
Masciarelli Andrea
Masciarelli Francesco
Masciarelli Simone
Massi Rodolfo
Maté Luis Angel
Matthijs Rudy
Maynar Marcos
Mazzoleni Eddy
Mazzoleni Renzo
Mazzoni Gianni
McKenzie Eric
Meloni Filippo
Menchov Denis
Mendonça Luís
Menthéour Pierre-Henri
Menthéour Erwann
Menuet Jean-Jacques
Merckx Axel
Merino Batres José Luis
Mesa Estepa Uberlino
Miceli Nicola
Miholjević Vladimir
Minali Nicola
Miotti Luigino
Miozzo Flavio
Missaglia Gabriele
Misseri Daniele
Molano Juan Sebastián
Moletta Andrea
Moletta Natalino
Moors Jan
Moreno Daniel
Moretti Roberto
Mori Massimiliano
Mori Manuele
Morscher Harald
Moulin Barnabé
Muñoz David
Muraglia Giuseppe
Murn Uros
Nigrelli Guido
Nijboer Erwin
Nocera Luciano
Nose Tomasz
Novembrini Americo
Nozal Isidro
Olano Abraham
Olmo Antonio
Ongarato Alberto
Otero Mikel
Otxoa Javier
Pantani Marco
Paolini Luca
Paranier Christine
Paranier Eric
Pascual Llorente Javier
Paulinho Sergio
Pedrina Carlo
Pedruzzi Pietro
Pellizotti Franco
Pereira Rubén
Perini Giancarlo
Peruzzi Giuliano
Petacchi Alessandro
Petrov Evgeni
Petrov Bogomilov Daniel
Pezzini Paolo
Piccoli Mariano
Pietropolli Daniele
Piovani Maurizio
Pirovano Stefano
Plaza Rubén
Poissonnier Philippe
Ponzi Simone
Popovych Yaroslav
Posca Davide
Possoni Morris
Pozzato Filippo
Proni Alessandro
Przydzial Piotr
Pulnikov Vladimir
Quagliariello Domenico
Quaranta Ivan
Quintana Dayer
Quintana Nairo
Quintanilha Adrian
Ragnetti Renzo
Rasmussen Michael
Ratti Eddy
Rebellin Davide
Rebellin Selina
Recinella Graziano
Rempi Roberto
Ribeiro Nuno
Ricci Daniele
Riccò Riccardo
Riis Bjarne
Rijkaert Eric
Rivera Francesco
Roca Enrique
Roche Stephen
Rodrigues João
Rodrigues José
Rodriguez Javier Pascual
Rodriguez Alexis
Rodriguez Alonso Manuel
Rojas José Joaquin
Rolland Pierre
Romano Domenico
Rominger Toni
Roscioli Fabio
Rossi Remo
Rossi Enrico
Rous Didier
Roussel Bruno
Rovny Ivan
Rucker Stefan
Ruiz de Léon Grégoire
Rujano José
Rutkiewicz Marek
Sacchi Fabio
Sagasti Maria
Sainz Bernard
Sánchez Luis León
Sanders Dominique
Sanders Wim
Santambrogio Mauro
Santaromita Mauro Antonio
Santuccione Carlo
Sanz Luis
Saronni Giuseppe
Savio Gianni
Savoldelli Paolo
Scarponi Michele
Scharmin Chris
Schleck Fränk
Schmidt Mark
Schmutz Gottfried
Schroen Peter
Schumacher Stefan
Scimone Raimondo
Scirea Mario
Scotto d'Abusco Michele
Sergeant Marc
Serpellini Marco
Serrano Ricardo
Serrano Marcos
Serri Eddy
Sgambelluri Roberto
Siboni Marcello
Silin Egor
Silva Tiago
Silva Paulo
Simoni Gilberto
Somers Marc
Sosenka Ondrej
Sørensen Rolf
Spezialetti Alessandro
Spilak Simon
Stangelj Gorazd
Steels Tom
Stephens Neil
Stevic Ivan
Streel Marc
Sutton Shane
Taminelli Rocco
Tarsi Daniele
Tauler Antonio
Terrados Nicolas
Teuns Dylan
Thurau Björn
Tizza Francesco
Tomei Francesco
Tonetti Gianluca
Tonkov Pavel
Trampusch Gerhard
Trombetta Guido
Ugrumov Piotr
Ullrich Jan
Vainsteins Romans
Vallet Bernard
Valoti Gianluca
Van Eetvelt Lennert
Van Lancker Kurt
Van Slycke Rik
Vandenbroucke Frank
Vandenbroucke Jean-Luc
Vanderaerden Eric
Vansevenant Wim
Vanzella Flavio
Vasseur Cédric
Vaughters Jonathan
Vázquez Carlos
Velo Marco
Vera Pedro José
Verbrugghe Rik
Versluys Patrick
Vicioso Angel
Vinhas Rui
Vinokourov Alexander
Virenque Richard
Virú Juan Domingo
Virú Walter
Virú José
Visconti Giovanni
Volpi Alberto
Wegelius Charles
White Matthew
Wiggins Bradley
Winterberg Guido
Wouters Monica
Zaballa Constantino
Zaina Enrico
Zakarin Ilnur
Zamana Cezary
Zarate Carlos
Zberg Markus
Zeferino Manuel
Zen Marco
Zülle Alex



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