Human Growth Hormone (hGH) Hormone ID 15

Human growth hormone (hGH) is a hormone that is naturally produced by the body. It has numerous metabolic effects, but its performance-enhancing ability is thought to be due to the fact that it stimulates the production of another endogenous hormone, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). IGF-1 promotes growth of bone and muscle.


As with EPO, synthetic hGH is similar in structure to the natural form, making it difficult to detect.

The initial test for hGH - using blood samples - was based on use of antibodies that can distinguish between the natural and synthetic forms. This test can generally detect synthetic hGH only within twenty four hours of use.

Very recently, a new test for hGH has been approved, one that is based on biomarkers. That is - like the blood passport test - this new test detects metabolic effects of hGH use. It has the advantage of being able to detect the substance up to several weeks after termination of use.

Contributor: Andy Smith

Incidents 133 Type Date
Ribeiro, N suspension Temporary suspension 06/11/2023
Prova Limpa suspensions Temporary suspension 04/10/2022
Operação Prova Limpa raids 1 Investigation 24/04/2022
Denifl conviction Criminal conviction 12/01/2021
Denifl investigation Criminal conviction 23/09/2019
Preidler investigation Investigation 18/09/2019
Villalobos positive Positive test 25/04/2019
Del Moral repeal Appeal against sanction 27/10/2018
WADA US Postal appeals (Bruyneel) Permanent ban 24/10/2018
WADA US Postal appeals (Celaya) Permanent ban 24/10/2018
WADA US Postal appeals (Marti) Appeal against sanction 24/10/2018
Puerto appeal Appeal against sanction 14/06/2016
Sørensen, N admission Admission statement 22/06/2015
Ignatenko positive Positive test 08/04/2015
Celaya suspension Temporary suspension 22/04/2014
Marti suspension Temporary suspension 22/04/2014
Bruyneel suspension Temporary suspension 22/04/2014
Sinkewitz appeal 2 Appeal against sanction 24/02/2014
Nigrelli permanent ban Permanent ban 17/01/2014
Klier admission Admission statement 15/08/2013
Puerto convictions Criminal conviction 30/04/2013
Holczer v Schumacher Hearing evidence 18/04/2013
Angoulême convictions Criminal conviction 09/04/2013
Schumacher admission Admission statement 29/03/2013
Puerto - Vainsteins link Hearing evidence 16/02/2013
Puerto - Cipollini link Hearing evidence 09/02/2013
Rasmussen, M admission (Rabobank) Admission statement 31/01/2013
Rasmussen, M admission (CSC) Admission statement 31/01/2013
Armstrong admission Admission statement 14/01/2013
Gasparre admission Admission statement 26/11/2012
White suspension Temporary suspension 13/10/2012
Bruyneel resignation Termination of contract 12/10/2012
Barry suspension Temporary suspension 10/10/2012
Danielson suspension Temporary suspension 10/10/2012
Hincapie admission Admission statement 10/10/2012
Vandevelde suspension Temporary suspension 10/10/2012
Zabriskie suspension Temporary suspension 10/10/2012
Hamilton admission 2 Admission statement 30/08/2012
Armstrong permanent ban Permanent ban 24/08/2012
US Postal lifetime bans Permanent ban 10/07/2012
Sinkewitz appeal 1 Appeal against sanction 21/06/2012
US Postal investigation 2 (2003-2004) Investigation 12/06/2012
US Postal investigation 2 (1997-2002) Investigation 12/06/2012
US Postal investigation 2 (2005-2007) Investigation 12/06/2012
Bedoucha arrest Arrest 29/11/2011
Sinkewitz positive 2 Positive test 27/02/2011
Landis admission 2 Admission statement 30/01/2011
Via Col convictions Criminal conviction 27/10/2010
Stevic appeal Appeal against sanction 22/10/2010
Matschiner admission Admission statement 12/10/2010
Matschiner conviction Criminal conviction 11/10/2010
Da Ros appeal Appeal against sanction 17/08/2010
Via Col suspensions [Bonin, Nikacevic] Temporary suspension 15/06/2010
Padova gym suspensions [Da Ros, Lucato] Permanent ban 23/11/2009
Via Col Padua investigation Investigation 16/06/2009
Freiburg Report - T-Mobile Investigation 13/05/2009
Mantova investigation Investigation 01/04/2009
Matschiner arrest Arrest 30/03/2009
Padova gym arrests [Da Ros, Lucato] Arrest 11/03/2009
De Clercq conviction Criminal conviction 16/12/2008
Kohl admission Admission statement 22/10/2008
Freiburg criminal investigation: Telekom Investigation 13/10/2008
Stevic suspension Permanent ban 17/09/2008
Bebto suspension Permanent ban 10/07/2008
Balestri, Barotti RS and Barotti A suspensions Permanent ban 10/03/2008
Hamburger admission 1 Admission statement 07/11/2007
Hamburger admission 2 Admission statement 07/11/2007
Chiasso raid Arrest 29/09/2007
Jaksche suspension Temporary suspension 19/09/2007
Mazzoleni hearing Hearing evidence 04/07/2007
Jaksche admissions 2 Admission statement 30/06/2007
Jaksche admissions 1 Admission statement 30/06/2007
Alessandri admission Admission statement 29/06/2007
Kortrijk arrests Arrest 07/06/2007
Puerto - Bartoli link Hearing evidence 25/05/2007
Riis admission Admission statement 25/05/2007
Heinrich admission Admission statement 24/05/2007
Schmid admission 1 Admission statement 23/05/2007
Bölts admission Admission statement 23/05/2007
Vanmol admission Admission statement 29/01/2007
Museeuw admission 1 Admission statement 24/01/2007
Cofidis convictions Criminal conviction 19/01/2007
Skibby admission Admission statement 19/11/2006
Puerto - Pantani link Hearing evidence 03/07/2006
Roux admission 2 Admission statement 19/06/2006
Roux admission 1 Admission statement 19/06/2006
Puerto arrests Arrest 23/05/2006
Rumsas, E conviction Criminal conviction 26/01/2006
Ficek conviction Criminal conviction 26/01/2006
Rumsas, R conviction Criminal conviction 26/01/2006
Blitz criminal convictions Criminal conviction 24/10/2005
Como and Bergamo gym raids Investigation 24/07/2005
Rumsas, R arrest Arrest 29/06/2005
Lazzaro conviction Criminal conviction 11/06/2005
Yus fired Termination of contract 05/06/2005
Gaumont admission 2 Admission statement 01/06/2005
De Clercq suspension Temporary suspension 02/03/2005
Museeuw appeal 1 Appeal against sanction 28/12/2004
Vandenbroucke admission Admission statement 29/11/2004
CSC doping Hearing evidence 14/08/2004
Oil for Drugs raids Arrest 10/06/2004
Kelme legal investigation Investigation 21/05/2004
Cofidis resignations Termination of contract 05/05/2004
Cofidis team suspension Temporary suspension 09/04/2004
Kelme sports investigation Investigation 30/03/2004
Manzano revelations 2 [laundry list] Admission statement 25/03/2004
Sassone admission Admission statement 25/03/2004
Sassone arrest Arrest 13/01/2004
Landuyt-Museeuw-De Clercq raids Investigation 04/09/2003
Rumsas, E arrest Arrest 28/07/2002
Marzano admission Admission statement 22/05/2002
Mapei Oostende investigation Investigation 21/05/2002
Marzano arrest Arrest 17/05/2002
Varriale admission Admission statement 16/05/2002
Varriale arrest Arrest 13/05/2002
Blitz suspensions Temporary suspension 02/05/2002
Mondini fired Termination of contract 07/04/2002
Simeoni admission Admission statement 12/02/2002
Tubre raid Investigation 01/08/2001
Blitz raids [List 51] Investigation 06/06/2001
Beltrán, A arrest Arrest 22/03/2001
Selle Italia investigation Investigation 22/03/2001
Eight Festina convictions Criminal conviction 23/12/2000
Luxembourg doping ring Hearing evidence 01/07/2000
Chiotti admission Admission statement 28/04/2000
Giardini Margherita raid [Bologna] Investigation 12/08/1998
TVM judicial investigation Investigation 28/07/1998
Festina rider admissions Admission statement 24/07/1998
Festina judicial positives 1 Positive test 23/07/1998
Roussel admission Admission statement 17/07/1998
Roussel and Rijkaert arrests Arrest 15/07/1998
Voet arrest Arrest 08/07/1998
D'Hont investigative journalism 2 Investigation 08/04/1998
People 114 Nationality
Alessandri Flavio
Armstrong Lance
Ballan Alessandro
Barry Michael
Bartoli Michele
Belda Vicedo Vicente
Beltrán Alberto
Bertagnolli Leonardo
Blijlevens Jeroen
Bölts Udo
Bondue Alain
Bossoni Paolo
Brandão Jóni
Brochard Laurent
Bruyneel Johan
Caldeira Samuel
Camelo Armando
Celaya Pedro
Chiotti Jérôme
Cipollini Mario
Coduri Paolo
D'Hont Jef
Da Ros Gianni
Danielson Tom
De Clercq Mario
Deloeuil Alain
Denifl Stefan
Di Grande Giuseppe
Dibling Laurent
Dufaux Laurent
Elli Alberto
Ficek Krzysztof
Frigo Dario
Fuentes Yolanda
Fuentes Eufemiano
Garcia Del Moral Luis
Gasparre Graziano
Gaumont Philippe
Gilmozzi Sebastian
Guandalini Massimo
Hamburger Bo
Hamilton Tyler
Heinrich Lothar
Herinne Pierre
Hervé Pascal
Hincapie George
Ignatenko Petr
Jaksche Jörg
Klier Andreas
Knaven Servais
Kohl Bernhard
Landis Floyd
Lavagnini Lorenzo
Lazzaro Enrico
Lucato Davide
Manzano Jesús
Marti José Pepi
Marzano Armando
Matschiner Stefan
Meier Armin
Messina Roberto
Mestre Ricardo
Michaelsen Lars
Mondini Giampaolo
Museeuw Johan
Navigli Rolando Severino
Neves José
Outschakov Serguei
Pantani Marco
Pedrina Carlo
Peers Chris
Peruzzi Giuliano
Piccoli Mariano
Planckaert Jo
Preidler Georg
Quintanilha Adrian
Rasmussen Michael
Ratti Eddy
Ribeiro Nuno
Riis Bjarne
Rous Didier
Roussel Bruno
Roux Laurent
Rumšas Raimondas
Rumšas Edita
Russ Matthias
Rutkiewicz Marek
Santuccione Carlo
Sassone Robert
Schmid Andreas
Schumacher Stefan
Simeoni Filippo
Sinkewitz Patrik
Skibby Jesper
Sørensen Nicki
Stephens Neil
Stevic Ivan
Vainsteins Romans
Van Petegem Peter
Vandenbroucke Frank
Vandevelde Christian
Vanmol Yvan
Varriale Antonio
Vilela Ricardo
Villalobos Luis
Virenque Richard
Voet Willy
Voskamp Bart
Weltz Johnny
White Matthew
Yus Unai
Zabriskie David
Zaugg Oliver
Zülle Alex



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